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First Steps on Learning Qt Quick?

  • Hi
    I'm an experienced C/C++ programmer that used a good deal of QT4 in the past but only in C++. I didn't even touch any of this Qt Quick thing.
    But, with the release of QT5 Alpha, and considering that its documentation encourages so strongly the QT Quick aproach, I decided to give it a try, and I'm still a bit lost. So if someone could kindly take some time to answer my questions I would be very grateful.:

    • First, I don't know anything of JavaScript, though I do use other scripting languages less focused in web purposes like Python for example. How much JavaScript should I learn to use QtQuick?

    • I have been reading this tutorial: I didn't try to code anything yet, for now I just wanted to get the general idea of how using Qt Quick / QML works. So, if I got it right, you first code your graphical interface using this QML language in .js files. If you need this part of the application to use anything you had to code in C++, you make a plugin and import it into your QML code. And if you want to execute it as a standalone executable instead of using the viewer, you code a C++ application that uses a QmlApplicationViwer to show your graphical interface. Is all this correct? If yes, I'm under the impression that, for desktop applications, you are more frequently using both things - the plugin thing to put C++ code into your interface written in QML, and the executable that uses QmlApplicationViwer to put your QML application into an executable. Is this correct as well? Finally, how this works for mobile/embedded applications?

    • Any advise about where to find the best learning material for this stuff will be very welcome as well.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hello Germano,
    Try "Video Tutorials": . These videos are so much informative and give good kick-start to Qt Quick. Although all videos are good but here i am listing some videos from beginner's point of view :

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