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QHelpEngine images

  • Hi all

    I'm in trouble displaying images into my help pages... it seems that images are searched using the current path as base-path instead of the application path...

    my myapp.qhp looks like:

    @ ...

    my application is in /home/iw2lsi/myapp and contains the directory /home/iw2lsi/myapp/images

    starting myapp from /home/iw2lsi/myapp works fine (texts and images are correctly shown)

    starting myapp from /home/iw2lsi results in good help texts but with broken images..

    BW: the assistant seems not affected by this problem... and I can start it from everywhere (with the same collection file) without side-effect:

    cd /home/iw2lsi/myapp; assistant -collectionFile myapp.qhc
    cd /home/iw2lsi; assistant -collectionFile myapp/myapp.qhc

    thanks a lot for any hints


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