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[Solved]Make a widget "untouchable"

  • When a QMessageBox::warning() is called, the underlying widget becomes "untouchable", per se. I can't call it disabled, and I don't know what it officially is called. In the old days of Visual Basic 6.0, I used to call the command enabled = 0, to have that effect done on a widget. This didn't work in Qt.

    I have an options dialog, which if shown, I'd like to have the mainwindow untouchable till the dialog is hidden again, just like when a QMessageBox::warning() is displayed. How can I do that???

    Thanks for any efforts :)

  • Well I think that you are talking about Modal Dialogs. You can set the property of the dialog before displaying For eg:

    @void MainWindow::on_btnOpen_clicked()
    Dialog *d = new Dialog(this);

    You can read: "Modal Dialog ":

  • Hi,

    There is a modal and windowModality property.
    check also the enum Qt:WindowModality for detailed description of modal-modes :)

  • To achieve this, on usually calls "exec() ":/doc/qt-4.8/qdialog.html#exec on a [[doc:QDialog]] subclass. exec() blocks, so the calling method isn't ended until the dialog is closed.

  • Thanks a lot!!!! the QDialog::setModal() did the trick. :)

  • How can I mark this article as solved?

  • Just Edit your First post on the topic and add [Solved]

  • Oh, OK! I thought there's some button for that... weird. But OK. Done! :)

  • [quote author="TheDestroyer" date="1335095483"]Oh, OK! I thought there's some button for that... weird. But OK. Done! :)

    It's in the works. You can have a look into the new feature in the "QnA Testing Area":/forums/viewforum/46/.

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