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[Solved] Remembering the last used printer

  • In a corporate environment there are hundreds of printers on the network. Everyone has a default printer for printing regular stuff. But, I am building an application for a special kind of a printer. My application can never print to the default printer. Therefore I need to choose that special printer every single time.

    How can I find out what printer did the user choose on the QPrintDialog.

    And, how can I change the pre-selected printer in QPrintDialog?

    I am also interested to implement a QuickPrint feature so that no dialog is shown at all. It just prints to my special printer directly. And my printer is not the default printer.

    How would you implement a QuickPrint feature?

  • [[Doc:QPrintDialog]] returns a [[doc:QPrinter]] object via the printer() method. Use printerName() on the latter.

  • Thank you Volker.

    It looks like the method QPrinter.printerName() returns the name of a real printer only. That's exactly what I am looking for. Just that during testing I was printing to PDF file and the printerName for that was coming as NULL string.

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