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IPC between QT and C#

  • Hi everybody, I have tried to found the best way to make an IPC between Qt and C# and I don't achieved. I need to constantly send messages to and from Qt and C#. I have thought in:

    So, What do you think it's the best way to communicate between the 2 processes?
    I have tried to use QSharedMemory but I don't know how share this memory to C#? Anyone have an example or know how do that? I preffer this option because there are a lot of messages traffic within both processes and I think that it's the most speed option.

    But I don't have discarded any other..

    Please, any suggestion will be appreciated.


  • I had the same problem and solved it using QTcpServer and QDataStream on the Qt side and TcpClient and a handmade streaming class on CLR side.

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