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Stopping data transfer with QTcpSocket

  • hi is it possible to stop the data transfer?

    i tried with QTcpSocket::close() and QTcpSocket::abort()

    but when i capture the transfer with wireshark the operating system sends the data furthermore

    i dont know how to stop it

  • I am not a specialist on this topic but I would assume that you can not interrupt the ongoing sending of data and that the socket will abort or close as soon as the current operation has finished.

  • Have you tried using "abort": ? According to Qt documentation it should fit your needs:

    bq. Aborts the current connection and resets the socket. Unlike disconnectFromHost(), this function immediately closes the socket, discarding any pending data in the write buffer.

  • yes i used abort but windows sends the data furthermore

  • [quote author="sryyy" date="1334920309"]yes i used abort but windows sends the data furthermore[/quote]

    Hm... could please "check this example app": It uses abort and might be useful to debug your issue.

  • this example sends only a little string

    in my project i send a 9 mb file

    like in the example i use QTcpSocket::abort() but

    windows 7 sends the data till its complete transfered :/

  • ok i solved this problem with a win api funciton setsockopt() :/

    i inherited the QTcpSocket and set an option to the socket

    #ifdef WIN32
    #include <Winsock2.h>

    #include "qmytcpsocket.h"

    void QMyTcpSocket::abort()
    #ifdef WIN32
    SOCKET s = this->socketDescriptor();
    BOOL bOptVal = FALSE;
    int bOptLen = sizeof (BOOL);
    setsockopt(s, SOL_SOCKET, SO_DONTLINGER, (char *) &bOptVal, bOptLen);


    is it possible to set the SO_DONTLINGER option with qt?

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