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How to speed up Qt GUI based app launch speed ?

  • I am working on a project to make a app with GUI based on Qt , on linux ,in fact Meego.This app is the first GUI app to launch after the system boot.It launch very slow .I think it is the Qt dynamic lib loading that take the most of the app launch time . So how to speed up the launch ?
    Also I want to "Preload " Qt dynamic libs while the system booting, so my app could launch faster ,is there any way to preload that ?

  • Linux pre-load method is to set environment variable LD_PRELOAD.

  • [quote author="AcerExtensa" date="1334907144"]Linux pre-load method is to set environment variable LD_PRELOAD.[/quote]

    LD_PRELOAD is not exactly what I want .I want Qt libs be loaded into memory while the system boot ,LD_PRELOAD could not do this I think .

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