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Compile the Qt project in windows

  • Hello,
    I am new to QT development.
    I have run the qmake command to compile my Qt project.

    qmake -o makefile myfirst.pro

    It works well and Makefile, Makefile.Debug and Makefile.release also created in the folder.
    Then I tried to compile the project using make command.

    make makefile myfirst.pro

    but it gives this error.

    'make' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

    it would be great if someone can helpme

    Thank you.

  • You should use mingw32-make on windows if you are using the console.

    edit: to correct the make executable name

  • Also you don't have to give the .pro file name to make, execute as

    mingw32-make makefile

  • One more idea is to have a visual studio plugin installed for Qt in your windows machine. By this way you can create your Qt project from visual studio and it willl be having .sln file that you can compile using your standard way.
    It helped me a lot for my build automization point of view as well.

    Might not fit for your current problem , but it is very good addin for future.

    Note :- Even you can export .pro file from that plugin also , so that moving across the plattform will not be a big deal.

  • Thank you all. I successfully compile the project. [solved]

  • If your problem is solved then please change the post by prefixing it with [SOLVED]

  • no the solved should be infront of the topic e.g.
    [Solved] compile the Qt project in windows

  • I mean same thing only.

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