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Qt Creator + Windows 8 SDK

  • Hi.

    I was just about to download the "Windows SDK for Windows 8 Preview": when I found some sad info on the Updated or Removed Features section.

    I'm worried about it because that implies no more Windows SDK and Qt Creator being enough as a development environment + IDE solution.

    Did anyone see this issue coming ? What use is the Windows SDK if it doesn't, alone, provides a Platform Toolset and C/C++ libs? Are we going to be forced to have VS installed even if using only the Windows SDK and Qt Creator?

  • Well, it looks like. Maybe Visual Studio (Express) now allows for installing just the toolset - at least I hope so.

  • Any news on this?
    As far as I can find, we'll have to install the full Visual C++ 2012 for Windows Desktop (Not the version for Windows 8 I think, as that's for apps, not desktop applications, or so it seems).

    I sure hope there's a way to get the compiler toolchain without Visual Studio Express ...

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