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Qmlviewer no longer comes with Qt Creator

  • It seems the latest Qt Creator 2.1 beta no longer include qmlviewer (at least Windows version), as opposed to the previous version did. This means you cannot run QML out-of-box, but need desktop version of 4.7 SDK installed just to get qmlviewer! I'm not sure what's the reason behind this but it doesn't make sense at all to me.

    Hope qmlviewer will come back in future version of Qt Creator, or, at minimum, please do mention clearly that I need to have 4.7 SDK installed in addition to Qt Creator to do QML development so that I don't need to waste my time for googling and changing setting to make it work.

  • Hi moo1,

    If you install the standalone version of Qt Creator (separated from the Qt SDK), it is not so strange, as you would use Qt libraries and tools built by yourself or installed from another source.
    But, as you said it was true in previous versions, so maybe it was an error.

    Did you check if qmlviewer comes with Qt Creator 2.1 beta 2 for Windows?

  • If you have Qt for Symbian, you can run the Symbian Command Prompt from your start menu (just to set up PATHs correctly) and run qmlviewer from there. It just won't expose itself as 'Run' in QtCreator.

    By the way QtCreator 2.1 RC is the latest.

  • [quote author="xsacha" date="1291484402"]
    By the way QtCreator 2.1 RC is the latest.[/quote]

    Oh, you're right!

    Gosh, I am really late with my feeds and e-mails since I came back from the last trip :-)

  • Creator is not the preferred IDE for everyone. One might want to code QML using a plain text editor, for example, so no, qmlviewer should be shipped with Qt. However, Creator 2.1 has the "design view", so you can more or less see the result there if it's something simple (no animations, just layout).

  • Okay, after done two projects using QML, I realized I just cannot do all I need with QML and needed native anyway. At the end, I just didn't use qmlviewer at all for those two projects. I guess this is the reason qmlviewer is somewhat in the half baked situation...

  • Good point. I also think that there was a thread about deployment, were it was discussed if qmlviewer should be deployed with the app, or came with the system, and the conclussion was that it was expected that most apps would need some C++ anyway.

  • disperso, I think you're talking about this "thread":, isn't it? :-)

  • I think it was another one because I haven't read that one yet. Maybe I'm even confusing it with an email to the list, but anyway, good thread. :)

  • [quote author="moo1" date="1292054217"]Okay, after done two projects using QML, I realized I just cannot do all I need with QML and needed native anyway.[/quote]

    You can do pretty much everything with QML. I mean you can just register a new type with a C++ backend for anything that is missing. I'm wondering what exactly was the blocker for you?

  • @xsacha I did not give up QML. I just gave up qmlviewer. Like you said, I made some glue code to expose some functionalities I needed to QML.

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