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Qt SDK doesn't pick up native widgets in Kubuntu

  • I've downloaded the full Qt SDK standalone package and extracted it. Though there's a problem which is that Qt SDK doesn't pick up native widgets from the system. Instead, it uses plastik style widgets as you can see in the screenshot:

    !http://i841.photobucket.com/albums/zz336/herophuong/qt-sdk.png(Qt SDK)!

    The dev tools installed by the qt-dev-tools package from the repository of ubuntu can pick up native widget style normally. Does anyone here have the solution for that?

  • Launch QtCreator with
    @-style native@

  • [quote author="GentooXativa" date="1334903757"]Launch QtCreator with
    @-style native@[/quote]
    I think that's the default style when launch QtCreator. In Ubuntu, QtCreator can pickup ambience (GTK) style but in Kubuntu, it can not use oxygen style. I've tried that option but it has no effect.

    Another problem relating to this bug is that: All applications built by QtSDK can not pickup oxygen style in Kubuntu. It will use plastik style instead, just like Qt Creator.

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