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VNC client showing blank screen on connecting phone

  • Hello,

    I have VNC client code running in QT and Im trying to setup a VNC communication (screen sharing) for my phone which is running VNC server. Well, the client, is able to establish a communication with server.

    But the problem which I am facing is, its just showing me a blank screen when my device is connected. But if I click on this blank screen, you can see the changes happening on the phone side.
    I suspect the problem in FrameBufferData which the client requests from server.

    Qt in running under Ubuntu 11.10 environment.

    I hope someone help me out.

  • What device and what vnc server are you using?

  • Phone is Android Nexus One and the server is Droid VNC Server

  • I found that RFB FramebufferUpdateRequest message to the RFB server itself is not getting called.
    Which actually it should have get called. Correct?

    Which might be why the screen is not getting updated.
    But then how do I correct it?

    Need help..

  • Im sorry but didnt know anything realted to Qt with android

  • Ok.
    Actually, VNC follows its own client server communication. So I guess it should not matter if it is symbian or android.

    Also the app works fine when tried with nokia N8 (as per my team mate).
    I dont have N8, so I thought of trying it with android.

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