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  • Qt 5 allows us to scale lower; Getting prettier apps running on crustier devices. There is no devil worship involved, all you have to do is secure a target with a very nice GPU at a glorious price point. The Raspberry PI is the clearest consumer visible indication of this kind of hardware category.

    Qt Embedded used to be something of a red headed step child, now under QPA it is receiving unprecedented love/inclusion in Qt developments.

    What do you people want to see?

    What functionality? What behavioral changes? What considerations?

  • I cant tell you beacuse i didnt success on buy a Raspberry and didnt test it :P

  • We use ARM devices without GPU, and Qt Embedded is fairly fast on a plain framebuffer. My first try with QPA and the linuxfb platform was sobering, since it was clearly slower than with QWS. I hope that in Qt 5 also unaccelerated fb support stays at least at a performance level of QWS.

  • The linuxfb driver is currently entirely unmaintained. As in entirely non-compileable. Which QPA plugin are you using?

    I would like to see this working again, but it is not at the top of my task queue.

  • As I wrote, I used the linuxfb plugin for QPA. But I have to mention this was on 4.8, which claimed to support QPA, but I didn't have the feeling this is really true in terms of usability. So, if there is no working linuxfb in Qt5 now, I sadly have no chance to try Qt5 on our platform.

    I guess at some point I will have to fix linuxfb by myself. ;-)

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