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Problems with QGeoSatelliteInfoSource

  • Platform Symbian Belle, Nokia E7

    I have a problem with QGeoSatelliteInfoSource. It doen't seem to emit any signals before it has a position fix. Right now I am using;
    qgeo_satInfo = QGeoSatelliteInfoSource::createDefaultSource(this);
    connect(qgeo_satInfo, SIGNAL(satellitesInViewUpdated(QList<QGeoSatelliteInfo>)), this, SLOT(satellitesInViewUpdated(QList<QGeoSatelliteInfo>)));
    connect(qgeo_satInfo, SIGNAL(satellitesInUseUpdated(QList<QGeoSatelliteInfo>)), this, SLOT(satellitesInUseUpdated(QList<QGeoSatelliteInfo>)));
    connect(qgeo_satInfo, SIGNAL(requestTimeout()), this, SLOT(satellit_requestTimeout()));
    When I issue a qgeo_satInfo->requestUpdate( 5 ) I get a requestTimeout() signal.

    So nothing happens for 2-4 minutes but then when it gets enough satellites fixed I start receiving signals. But clearly before it has a fixed position it must have first: satellites in view then some satellites in use.

    Any thoughts?

  • I have the same thing, run the same code on the N9/N950 and you will get a working update on Sat in View.

    This can be seen in GPS MeeFO and GPS Info Qt, same code but different results.

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