CODA no longer working with 701 since system update

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    Hi there,

    Anyone else experiencing this? I had an over the air update a couple of days ago on my Nokia 701 that I accepted and since then I can't get CODA to work at all, which, as you can imagine, has pretty much blocked any continued development.

    When trying to run the application from Qt Creator I get the following sequence:

    1. Application installs to the phone
    2. Qt Creator's console output logs a disconnection from CODA on the device and Windows registers the entire device as disconnecting from the USB connection
    3. Phone launches a black screen with the 5 scanning dots
    4. This runs for around 5-10 seconds and then disappears
    5. After this I can launch the application manually
      [At some point during (3) and (4) CODA exits on the phone]

    When trying to debug an application from Qt Creator I get the following:

    1. Dialog pop-up with the same disconnection error message and the title "Adapter crashed"

    Last night I went through the "Update QT SDK" application and selected everything , my QT Creator about text is:

    "Qt Creator 2.4.1
    Based on Qt 4.7.4 (32 bit)

    Built on Jan 26 2012 at 09:48:31

    From revision 8cd370e163"

    I really, really can't afford any delays like this on this project and would greatly appreciate any help on the matter and to hear if anyone else's 701s are working or not.

  • I have same error... the CODA not work since sistem update on Nokia 701

  • Try to use "Nokia RDA": until they fix CODA to test your apps, we are having the same troubles on 701.

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