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How to place an widget over the desktop screen using qt

  • i want to place an widget on the screen any where for eg. the way cario dock places it slef or many application places i want to get control at screen.
    i am using qt with c++.
    please tell the easiest way to do that.
    i am developing for desktop using qt widget qt gui

  • Looks like you're looking for a toplevel window, maybe some of the convenience classes like QDialog, QMainWindow, etc. are your solution.

  • QDialog, QMainWindow are not the thing of my choice they are windows
    have you used cario dock avant dock or any other theere icon does not appear as they open a window they are running and placed at screen positions

  • No I didn't, sorry.

  • You might want to post a screenshot or a sketch of what you actually want to achieve. This would help a lot.

  • this is a screen shot which shows an widget placed over screen

  • Well, that's quite easy. Just create a frameless, semi-transparent, translucent top-level widget.
    QWidget *widget = new QWidget;

    QLabel *label = new QLabel(widget);
    label->setFixedSize(640, 480);
    label->setStyleSheet("background: black; border-radius: 20px;");

    Be aware that you will still receive event for the non-visible parts of your widget (the remains of the rounded-off corners in this case). If you want to have a truly irregaluar-shaped widget apply an appropriate widget mask using <code>QWidget::setMask()</code>.

  • hey lukas i dont want this . this is a window as i window icon appears and i want to do many things like show with graphics when mouse is hovered near and i think i need a graphics item here

  • Just add the <code>Qt::Tool</code> window flag.
    widget->setWindowFlags(Qt::FramelessWindowHint | Qt::Tool);
    You cannot just paint to the desktop, you will have to use a window.

  • thanks lukas right anwser

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