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Map Object doesn't cache map tiles

  • Hello,

    is there a way to cache tiles with the map object ?

    I know that these tiles are on my device because I use "Nokia Maps" application without internet connection!

    Thank you

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    See "this thread": for another discussion of a similar topic.

  • How to specify the path which is E:/cities/diskcache ?

    In the question linked by you, there is written /var/tmp/sampleMap/ without specifying the disk drive, so how to set E: (the mass memory) as the corresponding disk drive ?

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    I was referring down-thread further where it talked about the Map stuff not caching, and potentially being in violation of the licensing agreement if you do.

  • This problem is obsolete, I think.

    Nokia even published a tool to download whole regions like the USA.

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    Oh, that's good to know then. Do you have a link to such tool? I'd be interested, myself.

  • Yeah, it was first known as Nokia Map Loader, then included in the Nokia Suite.
    These maps can be loaded directly on the phone with the computer's internet connection, then the program Nokia Maps can be started on the phone with the settings checked Offline Mode.
    This is what I am using on my N97 currently and am very happy with.

    The path is E:/cities/diskcache
    So I have to configure it to use this path if it is the same format how Nokia Maps saves the tiles and how the Map Element does it.

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    I don't know that the tile-based maps that the Map QML element uses are in the same format as the Map Loaded/Nokia Maps app data. On the N9, at least, I'm pretty sure they aren't.

  • Ok, thne I would have to have to caches what would be much space.
    I will try it out tomorrow...

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    At any rate, to answer your original question:

    bq. How to specify the path which is E:/cities/diskcache ?

    I believe it should just be a matter of using
    PluginParameter {
    name: ""
    value: "E:/cities/diskcache"

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