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Multi-touch on ARM with FreeScale HW IMx 233

  • Hi Everybody,

    Has any body tested the multi touch functionality in Qt/Embedded Linux on ARM board with FreeScale HW IMx 233 micro porcessor.

    1. Does Qt for Embedded Linux support Touch and MultiTouch ?

    2. Our Qt Documentation talks about the Qt::WA_AcceptTouchEvents. When looking at the Qt source code, this flag is enabled only for WIN/MAC and Symbian.

    3. We wrote few sample program with above attribute. However Qt application on Embedded Linux receives every event as Mouse Event.
      Application never received QTouchEvent. So this made us to think that there is NO SingleTouch/Multi-Touch support by Qt on Embedded Linux.

    4. Does Qt has any dependency with external libraries for Touch to work ?
      e.g TsLib or LinuxMulitTouch etc ?


  • I have split off the question above from "this":/forums/viewthread/16118/ topic, as it is totally unrelated.

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