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BindTexture crash in release version

  • Hello,
    I encountered a strange problem recently. I'm creating a program which uses OpenGL via a QGLWidget. It works perfectly on Linux and compiled as debug version on Windows, but as a release version it crashes - or, actually, it starts, doesn't display a window and just silently exits. Through outputting some debug strings I managed to find the offending part of code:

    tex_sky = bindTexture(*sky); // <- this line@

    Those lines are in the function GraphicsWidget::initializeGL() (where GraphicsWidget is a subclass of QGLWidget and QGLFunctions). tex_sky is declared as a GLuint property of the class, sky is declared as a pointer to QImage and initialized in the constructor with
    @sky = new QImage("sky.jpg");@

    sky.jpg exists.

    I don't see any reason this shouldn't work, and in fact as I said it works - on Linux and in the debug version. Why this fails in the release version is beyond me.

    I also sent the application to some of my friends - all of them reported the same behaviour: they double-click on the .exe and nothing happens (I checked with the Task Manager that it actually launches, but silently exits after a short while).

    Am I doing something wrong? Or is it possible that it is a bug in the release version of the Qt libraries? A bug in the graphics drivers is pretty much ruled out by the fact that it was the same on my friends' machines.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • I'm just bumping to say that I found a solution. Apparently it was glActiveTexture that caused the problem. I used GLEE instead of QGLFunctions and it started working.

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