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Qt-win-opensource-4.8.1-mingw.exe failed to install

  • Hello people,

    I'm new to Qt, so I'm at step 1. Installing the Qt SDK.

    for several times now I've been trying to install qt-win-opensource-4.8.1-mingw.exe, but it somehow fails, and just displays a dialog.

    Installer integrity check as failed. Common causes include incomplete download and damaged media. Contact installer's author to obtain a new copy.

    My Machine:

    • Intel Core I5
    • Windows 7 64 bit, Ultimate
    • RAM : 4GB

  • Hello

    Do you use the online or offline installer ?
    Did you find an md5 checksum to check the integrity of your donwload ?


  • I used the offline installer, the QtSDK 1.2 was installed sucessfully. But it only have 4.8.0 library. So I want to install version 4.8.1, however no matter how many times I tried (re-download and install), it gives me that error. I'm using the normal download of a browser (Chrome), no 3rd-party download manager used.

  • Hello

    In fact, you want to be up to date with Qt version ?
    Do you use QtCreator ?
    If yes you have an updater component (in Help menu), with it you can update your Qt version


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