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Unable to assign QList<MOCourse*> to QDeclarativeListModel*

  • Hey Guys -

    While running my program, I get the following error after I pass a QList<MOCourse*> to be the model of a GridView element. @CourseNode.qml:273: Unable to assign QList<MOCourse*> to QDeclarativeListModel*@

    I'm not sure what code is relevant to this, because all I am doing is using the variable name I assign successfully from C++ in the QML to set a model, but here are some potentially relevant lines.

    In the controller class for the QML document.
    @QDeclarativeView *view = w->getDeclarativeView();
    QDeclarativeContext *ctxt = view->rootContext();
    ctxt->setContextProperty("course100Model", QVariant::fromValue(courseList));@

    In the QML document itself (Note that Blade is a custom object).
    @Blade {
    id: blade1

        targetModel: course100Model@

    From the Blade.qml file.
    @GridView {
    id: gridView1
    model: targetModel@

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  • How did you define the <code>targetModel</code> property?

  • @property ListModel targetModel: undefined@

  • I've narrowed it down to a problem with the type of the targetModel property. I've changed my setup to use a QAbstractItemModel instead of a QList, but I get exactly the same error. What type should I use for the property? Or is there no type usable and I have to pass it some other argument to get the model?

  • Well, your context property is a QObjectList, not a ListModel. I think the easiest way to go in your case is a property alias.
    property alias targetModel: gridView1.model

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