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Qt + (old version of) MinGW

  • Hi, I use the Qt SDK 1.2 with MinGW on Windows. Now, as you may know, this is an old version of MinGW (its version of gcc is 4.4.0). The reason I am mentioning this is that I use a third-party library which is built using the latest version of MinGW, and there are conflicts between that library and my application because of their use of a different version of MinGW. Now, I believe Qt uses a customised version of gcc (or something along those lines), so is that the reason they stick to that old version of MinGW? In other words, how come Qt doesn't use a more recent version of MinGW? Just wondering... Cheers, Alan.

  • I don't think Qt uses a customized version of GCC, it is ... just old. I've tested with gcc 4.6.3 and Qt appears to work with it as well, but I haven't done any detailed testing, just some minor Core/Gui tests. The reason for Qt sticking with an old version probably has to do with Qt itself being optimized for that version, with all the focus falling on QML it doesn't seem anyone bothers keeping the C++ API up to date with contemporary compilers. This is bad since GCC 4.4 has almost no support of the neat new C++11 features, even if Qt offers decent substitutes.

  • Well, there is a C:\QtSDK\mingw_patches folder which contains some diff/patch files, so I guess there is some kind of customisation in the MinGW version they use (but probably not in GCC itself indeed).

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