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How to install 4.8.1 on OSX Lion?

  • I just installed the latest 1.2 SDK with 4.8.0 Qt Libraries.
    I then noticed that 4.8.1 is out which is great since it includes fixes for the app store.

    I downloaded the new Qt libraries from here http://qt.nokia.com/downloads
    After the installation - my Qt Creator still has records of 4.8.0 only.

    Where is 4.8.1 installed? How do I tell Qt Creator to use it? How can I make sure that macdeployqt tool will use 4.8.1 once I have the Qt Creator working?

    I could not find any help or info in the readme docs or help file. This should not be this hard.

  • I know the "what" but not the "why" of this problem... and was just about to post a question of my own. The SDK installer places all of the QT SDK in the /Applications folder(directory) on Mac OS X Lion. Individual library installers are still putting things in /Developer which WAS where Apple's development SDKs were located before Apple moved them to accommodate Xcode distribution through the Mac App Store.

    What I don't know is why the Qt installers aren't in sync about where to put 4.8.x stuff on Lion?


  • Well - I am seeing different paths on my OSX Lion.

    When I installed the stock 4.8.0 SDK with QtCreator - it installed everything in

    This contains the 4.8.0 library under Desktop/Qt/4.8.0/gcc subfolder. This is also what QtCreator has in its settings.

    I hoped that installing 4.8.1 would install into the same subfolder - just with 4.8.1 in it and I would be able to change the version in QtCreator, but I cannot find 4.8.1 that I installed anywhere on my machine.
    Btw. I have nothing in /Applications folder after installing both of these.

    So - the real question remains - where is 4.8.1 installed? To clarify - I am looking for the folder where I will see bin, imports, include, lib ... folders that make the 4.8.1 Qt library.

  • Try looking in /Developer. If you already had Xcode installed there, QT stuff will be distributed among the included folders (Applications, Tools, etc.).

  • /Developer was made obsolete by Apple in Lion. It was completely removed when the new XCode was installed.

    4.8.1 seems to have installed some stuff there, but there is no sign of the actual SDK in there.

  • First of all, 4.8.1 packages did not make it into Creator's package repo yet. There is always a slight delay between a Qt version being released and a package with it showing up in the SDK Maintenance Tool. Give it a few days.

    Second, the advice in this thread is slightly outdated. /Developer is no more, see http://www.agile-workers.com/web/2012/03/qt-qmake-osx_sdk-xcode.

    The SDK installer usually installs in $HOME/QtSDK. Once installed, run the SDK Maintenance Tool ("Start Updater" from the help menu) to see what optional installs are there (select "Package Manager" in the opening screen). As soon as Qt 4.8.1 is ready as an SDK package, it will show up there. It will then be in $QTSDK/Desktop/Qt (with Desktop/ being the location for the Mac Qt, other platforms are handled in a similar way).

  • Just ran the SDK Maintenance tool (again), but 4.8.1 is not there.

    The question is - what is the point of having the 4.8.1 downloads (including the debug libraries) if one cannot really use them? What did I really install then?

    It's just silly that 4.8.1 is available for download, but the installer does not follow the new paths and installs into the standard ~/QtSDK so one can use it with QtCreator.
    There is really no good reason that one can give to explain this.

    I will wait for it to show up in the maintenance tool since nobody seems to know what I installed and where when I downloaded the libraries from http://qt-project.org/downloads


  • Just give it a few days, it is Easter and everybody is on holidays after all. Happy Easter :-)

  • I also have problems for finding the location of the files installed the installer found on http://qt.nokia.com/downloads/qt-for-open-source-cpp-development-on-mac-os-x

    after issuing a "find" command on the whole hard drive, the only references to "4.8.1" are
    $ find /. -iname "4.8.1"

    No desktop lib found.
    Additionally, I was not able to customize the installation location path as it was for 4.8.0.

  • Creator offered me an SDK update today, and once applied I was able to install Qt 4.8.1. It ended up, as expected, in /opt/QtSDK/Desktop/Qt/4.8.1 (I installed the QtSDK in /opt to share it between users).

    Wondering how the libs ended up in /usr/lib for you?

  • Did you use the SDK Maintenance Tool for that? I got a note for updated documentation etc. Installed it, but still nothing was installed in /QtSDK/Desktop and QtCreator still has 4.8.0 and the newest SDK installed. I cannot add 4.8.1.
    What a mess.

  • Attempting a complete uninstall, then re-install using 1.2.1 and see if that will work. I'll report once done.

  • First I've used the SDK Maintenance Tool, clearly in the detailed listing of what's going to be installed/updated, there were no big packages to be downloaded, mainly a Qt Creator update.

    Then I went to Nokia website to download the latest libs -> just installed what's listed above by the "find" command.

  • Finally - complete uninstall and then download/re-install of 1.2.1 installs 4.8.1
    I suggest that these "releases" do not get released any other way but through the maintenance tool. Obviously there is a disconnect somewhere in the release process that should get fixed.

    Anyway ... if you have this problem - uninstall and reinstall.

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