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Best way to fix a memory corruption issue?

  • Hi,

    I was wondering what you guys use to detect/fix memory corruption issues?

    Basically, my Qt application uses a third-party library and it all works fine on Linux and Mac OS X, but not on a Windows machine which has a fully up-to-date version of Microsoft Office 2010 on it. Note that the fully up-to-date bit is very important, since everything works fine with a vanilla version of Microsoft Office 2010.

    Now, I have managed to create a basic Qt application which reproduces the problem. All I needed was a QTreeView widget which uses QFileSystemModel as a model. From there, if I try to do something with the aforementioned third-party library, the basic Qt application crashes...

    If anything, this tells me that the issue has nothing to do with my Qt application, but is it an issue with Microsoft Office, Qt and/or the third-party library? Well, considering that Microsoft Office and Qt are widely used, I would say that the issue is related to the third-party library, but how to be certain and, most importantly, how to determine what is causing the problem? (FWIW, everything works as expected using the previous version of the third-party library.)

    For those interested/curious/etc., I have uploaded the "source code": and "binaries": for the basic Qt application (using the previous version of the third-party library: "source code": and "binaries":

    Cheers, Alan.

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