[solved] Sharing data between Excel VB and Qt application

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    I've I have quite extensive excel document that gathers a lot of data using VB macros. I would now like to export this data directly to an external Qt application without the need to save and open in between, but a direct data exchange instead. Does anyone know if this is possible?
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  • I don't think transferring data is possible like that. From the top of my head, I think you have to save temporarily, and then send an execution command with a specific command line to your Qt program, telling it where the file was saved. And so you could get your connection.

  • I guess you mean VBA?

    Anyway, I think the easiest way to work would be to write out the data to a (text) file, and then call your application from VBA to trigger it to read in that file. It is possible to make your Qt application a COM/ActiveX provider application as well, allowing you to provide direct access to its data structures from VBA, but I would recommend against that.

    How you do that on the VBA side of things is off topic here though.

  • Yes, I meant VBA. And thank you. As the actual data amount to be transferred is small, I'll go for copy/paste approach, having the VBA create a "summary" for me. Pitty, there isn't a way to automate this, as it will be used really often...

    • Richard

  • Of course you can automate it. You can even use the clipboard automatically, if you prefer. I think VBA supports putting contents on the clipboard, and Qt has [[doc:QClipboard]] that will allow you allow you to read from it again. All you need to do from VBA is execute your application (or perhaps a small, specialized helper app) so that it will read the clipboard and do whatever you want to do with its contents.

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