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[solved]Does qt quick support s60v5 phones?

  • I mean phones like N97, 5800. I want to use qt quick and qt quick symbian components together. Is the latest version support them? Or I should use only the old version.
    Also, can I use them in latest qt sdk, like qt 4.7.3 and qt 4.7.4? Or I can only use them in qt 4.6.3?

    Thank you.

  • You can use Qt Quick 1.0 to develop for the S60 5th edition, but QtQuick 1.1 does not support it. And If I remember correctly QtQuick Components also does not support s60 5th edition.

  • Qt Quick Symbian components DO NOT support S60v5. You can use Qt Quick 1.0 and the latest Qt SDK package as long as you install Qt 4.7.3 using the management tool. 4.7.3 support is not installed by default.

  • Thank you both. Without qt quick symbian components, it will be a lot of work to do for me to rewrite my apps. =.=||

  • Qt Quick Components are not available for S60v5 out of box. Nevertheless I just shared sources of the sample application on Google Code "here":, which will demonstrate you, how to bring the power of them to S60 5th edition platform too. The key idea is to build them from sources and then embed into Symbian installer as Qt Quick plugins.

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