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QHelpEngine usage

  • Hi all

    I'm trying to access my assistant-based user manual from the application itself using QHelpEngine ad I have some question:

    is it normal that opening a non-existing compressed file does not return any errors ?

    QHelpEngine* helpEngine = new QHelpEngine("missingfile.qhc", this);
    if (!helpEngine->setupData()) qDebug("last error: '%s'", qPrintable(helpEngine->error()));

    I spent a lot of time trying to get references for identifiers...

    links = helpEngine->linksForIdentifier(QLatin1String("mykeyword"));
    return no reference UNTIL you add in your in your .qhp file the id attribute...
    <keyword name="Index" id="Index" ref="./index.html"/>
    but I found nothing in the docs about it...

         Best Regards

  • Sorry... I'm still here with QFileEngine...

    anyone has succesfully retrieved from the QHelpEngine more than one item (url) for a key with the linksForIdentifier() method ?

    actually with QHelpEngine I always obtain zero or one items... but never more than one, while with the same search key (and compressed help file) in Qt Assistant I get more entries...

      thanks for any idea

  • problem solved after some hours of headache...

    but... it was all in the docs :D


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