Can I use different display_name for different languages?

  • I just want to translate my app's display_name in phones, depending on what the language using in the phone.
    But I donot know if it is possible and how to setting in my file.

    Thank you.

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    Which OS are you targeting?

  • Symbian^3, Symbian Anna, Nokia Belle。

  • Yes, it is possible to localize the display_name. You need to add this into your .pro file:
    @symbian {
    CONFIG += localize_deployment
    After that localization is done the same way as localization of the application UI. Use the lupdate to generate .ts filles and use Qt Linguist to edit those.

    The .ts files must have an underscore and Qt language code at the end of the filename body to be compatible with deployment localization. E.g:
    @TRANSLATIONS += myapp_en.ts myapp_fi.ts@
    lupdate will generate these entries into .ts files:

    • Application short caption
    • Application long caption
    • Package name
    • Smart installer package name

  • Thank you. I will try this.

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