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[QAxServer] Allow control of my existing Qt application from other apps (windows only)

  • Hi folks,
    I want to expose a small subset of my application methods to other applications through a kind of COM control.
    I don't want my app to be an activex that you include in your project, I'm just interested in the possibility of controlling it from another application.

    My first idea was to use QtScript + socket connection, but that means a lot of parsing at both sides.
    I think that QAxServer could make everything simple, and "windows only" in not an issue for me.
    However from all the different ActiveQt exemples, I'm not sure which one is the closest to what I'm trying to do.

    Thanks for your help!

  • DO I understand correctly:

    You want to make an executable with a COM interface? Is that what you expect?

    If yes, the theoretical way is you must create a COM singleton there so no new COM object is created on a CoCreateInstance from the client. I'm not sure, whether that works with QAxServer.

  • Thanks for your answer Gerolf.
    So, yes I want to add a COM interface to my executable.
    I thought QAxServer was made for that (but not only for that, since it allows creation of standalone ActiveX)

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