Getting model in delegate with custom QAbstractListModel and QML Repeater

  • Hello,
    I have implemented QAbstractListModel and made my model visible into QML by qmlRegisterType. In QML I have delegate component and I display model data with Repeater component. Now in delegate I need to call some model method (slot), I know that ListView has attached property ListView.view.model which provides you model instance in delegate. But repeater doesn't has such thing. So I have tried to add ModelRole to my QAbstractListModel implementation and have something like this in its data method:
    @ if (role == ModelRole) return QVariant::fromValue<MyModel*>(this);@
    But this doesl not build:-)
    I would like to know if I am able to get a model from Repeater somehow? Is it possible to provide pointer to model instance from data method, and how should I make it so that it would build and work?:-) Or do I have to use ListView? And if so, how can I set ListView to not flick an stay fixed as Repeater does?
    Thanks for your answers!:-)

  • So I found out that I can disable flicking on ListView with interactive property. But still is it possible to provide instance of model class via its data method?

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