Windows nomake configure option still ignored in Qt 5?

  • I am trying to build Qt 5 from git and find that nomake configure option still doesn't seem to have any effect. Building with all the demos, examples, and tests is excruciatingly time-consuming. Multi-core system doesn't help since all the hundreds and hundreds of small example projects pretty much render mutli-thread building useless.

    Am I missing something? This "guide": does mention those options in the Windows configure command.

    I am building with VS2010 tools if that makes any difference.

  • OK. The nomake option seems to work only in qtbase. All other modules ignore it.

  • well it does not work even with Qt5.0.1 I tried hell of the options i used to with Qt4 and none of that work.

    Does any one know what happend to -no-webkit ? am I forced to have this huge library ?

    I tried -no-phonon and other thing like exception and STL and SVG but none of them work, Is there any trick to avoid building these in Qt5 which I dont knwo?

    There is one doc but this seems be written half heartedly very limited information there.
    can any one please help?

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    I don't know the status of the -nomake flag or how to fix its problems, but hopefully these tips can be of some use:

    • On VS2012, passing the "-mp" option into configure will cause nmake to compile using all cores.
    • To avoid building Qt WebKit, empty your qtwebkit folder before configuring
    • The porting guide has info on how to port Qt 4 code to Qt 5, not how to build Qt 5

  • Thanx for some tip, But this is rediculus if i need to delete webkit folder.

    Porting guide should also have information which is changed from qt4 to qt5 while you build.

    because very first thing we do with new version of Qt is to build the library excluding unwanted thing of it.

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