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Chained application in QT

  • Hi,

    on Symbian, i am currently using RAknAppServiceBase::ConnectChainedAppL().
    This is used to "Allow a server app client to connect to a new server app, which
    will be chained from the client app, giving it the appearance of being embedded within the client."

    For instance, if i want to open the application responsible for opening/viewing zip files (call it A),
    i can embed A within my own app, so i do not have to recode A myself.
    From the viewer point of view, only one app is opened, you cannot see application A opened even
    in the task list (on Nokia/Symbian devices).

    1. Is there similar functionality in QT ?
    2. I've read about QT Mobiilty Service framework. Is this the track to follow ?
    3. Is it possible to initialize GUI app (QApplication) within the Qt service Method ?

    From what I've read, you get a QObject from service framework as follows:
    QServiceManager manager;
    QObject *obj = manager.loadInterface("com.myservice.myobject");
    if (obj)
    QMetaObject::invokeMethod(obj, "myFunction", Q_ARG(QString, "arg1"));

    and myFunction looks like this:
    Q_INVOKABLE void myFunction(QString arg1)
    ... can QApplication be started here like standalone app ?
    ... so that this will appear as being embedded ?

    A further requirement is that i do not want the call to GUI app to freeze the calling app...

    I hope someone can help out there.

    [mark up code / Tobias Hunger]

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