How to get street speed limit in Qt Mobility?

  • Hello
    Is there a way to retrieve a street speed limit, in Qt mobility API,

    I’m developing a Nokia application targeting Symbian and MeeGo OS,,
    I’m using C++ ,and it's got to with GPS,, so any kind of suggestions?!

    Note: I'm not interested in drawing a map, or displaying! i just want to retrieve the speed limit and use it in my code.

    Please help

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    I'm not aware of anything in the API to do that.

  • will,, I'm developing a Nokia application targeting Symbian and MeeGo OS,,
    I'm using C++ , any kind of suggestions about retrieving street speed limit ?!

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    Do you have a source for that data? I'm not aware of it being part of the data set that mobility accesses through the default Nokia Maps services. If you know of a place where that data is available, then you'd have to write a plugin to access it.

  • i don't think plug in would be a problem,, it's actually the source is the real problem here!!

    so are you sure 100% that there's NO access through the default Nokia maps services?!

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    I'd say it's a safe bet.

  • umm any suggestions about a source?!

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    You might look at "OpenStreetMap":

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