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Windows ce 6.0 r2 - QThread::wait problem.

  • I work with Windows CE 6.0 r2 and Qt 4.7.4.
    In a slot function is line:

    and it doesn't work, just writes warning: "QThread::wait: Thread tried to wait on itself".
    I am not sure if it is important, but the slot is connected to QTcpSocket::readyRead() signal.

    Has anyone had similar problem?

    One more thing with "milliseconds" i background.
    I have message handler function used with qInstallMsgHandler(QtMsgHandler handler) with code:

    and the milliseconds are always "000".

  • OK. I've just recognized that this is the way it works due to QThread::wait() source:
    @if (d->id == GetCurrentThreadId()) {

        qWarning("QThread::wait: Thread tried to wait on itself");
        return false;

    Can anybody give me a hint with the second issue?

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