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External App Nokia Drive

  • Hi all,

    i'm develop an application that implement map and Points of interest. Now i whant call the external app "Nokia Drive" for drive the user on the specific point. I have search on forum but without result.

    Onyone know how i can do this?


  • no one can help me?

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    Please be patient when waiting for a response. 4 hours is not nearly long enough to wait before bumping your post. We are all volunteers here and answer questions in our free time. If someone has any input, they will give it.

  • Sorry but usually the ansuers come quickly ^^

  • Honestly, I'm not even quite sure about your question. Do you need help in creating such an application? Do you want to know if there is already such an application? Do you want to know if you are allowed to name your application "Nokia Drive" (which I doubt)?

  • I whant know if is possible launch the application of nokia drive... the nokia application embedded on Smatphon for the Navigator.

  • EDIT: This unfortunately don't seem to currently work on Symbian, it might still work on Harmattan. Maybe someone with N9 can verify this?

    Here is how you can launch Nokia Maps from QML code:


    And here is the same using C++

    @#include <QDesktopServices>
    #include <QUrl>



  • [quote author="Mika Hanhij√§rvi" date="1333223518"]Here is how you can launch Nokia Maps from QML code:


    And here is the same using C++

    @#include <QDesktopServices>
    #include <QUrl>



    I'm programming in C++ and the method with QDesktopServices not run... have you found this on API? if yes where?

  • Sorry, I should have checked this before posting.

    My examples were based on these wiki articles:

    For QML:

    For C++:

    However it seems that on Symbian it currently is not possible to launch Nokia Maps neither from QML by using Qt.openUrlExternally(), nor from C++ by using QDesktopServices::openUrl(). It's probably because there has been big changes in Nokia Maps, it's actually Nokia Maps Suite now. Or maybe this is only workin on MeeGo Harmattan?

    Eg. launching email client works just fine on Symbian, but it currently does not seem to be possible to launch Nokia Maps using those methods.

  • I'm develop for Symbian. Tnx fro your reply. Same you i have try to launc call or e-Mail and this method run.

    tnx for your availability.

  • There may be some other way to launch Nokia Maps. Maybe it is possible to use QProcess to launch Nokia Maps, but I have no idea of how to do that. Maybe someone else has some knowledge which would help you.

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