Qtd3 + many small textures.

  • Hello everyone!

    I am programming on Beagleboard+qt4.8+qt3d(in qml).

    I have dynamically generated textures and dynamically load them to OpenGL in a separate thread (this feature was introduced in qt 4.8). I access qml Item3d element from c++ using objectName property. I want it to consist of several textures. For each texture I have to create its own material.
    I have weird slowing down of my application if I for example create 16 materials with texture size 1x1 pixel. But at the same time if I create one material with texture 1024x1024 pixels, it works very fine. I can not understand what am i doing wrong.
    Does anyone know explanation or assumption?

    Please tell me if you know better place for asking this question...


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