The most frustrating moments in a developers life...

  • Hello fellow Qt Ambassadors!

    You know perhaps the most frustrating moments in a developers life. You spent a lot of your time and love to develop something you are believing in, you put it on the Nokia Store, it is beginning to sell well... 2 items a day, the first fantastic feedback and you feel really proud.

    But short after you get a massiv destructive feedback without feeling guilty about it. You can't see a good explanation for this and the number of sold applications dropped immedially below 1 per week. It just feels unfair. The reasoning for the destructive 1 Star rating is at example: "I don't like the color", "I bought it accidentally" or "why can't it fly" - And you can't do absolutely noting about it.

    I can't change this situation. But I wan't to offer us developers with this posting a try to test applications from skilled people for skilled people. So please keep on reading.

    First what happened recently to my:
    I just got such a frustrating moment for my new released application "ClipMan": for Symbian. I got this german rating:
    _"Ich habe ClipMan per Drop 'runtergeladen' und bezahlt - aber nichts ist auf meinem C7-00 Belle. Jetzt wird mir im Store angezeigt, ClipMan werde vom C7-00 nicht unterstützt. Irritierend, dass BleizifferMichael vor 6 Tagen schreibt, ClipMan auf dem C6-01 Belle laufen zu haben.

    Es gibt ClipMan auch für den PC, wo es mir aber lange nicht so gut gefällt wie das sehr mächtige ClipMate, das es auch portabel gibt. ClipMate benutze ich als Datenbank auf dem Stick."_

    Fast Translation: "I downloaded and paid ClipMan. But there is noting on my C7-00 Belle. Now the store claims the application is not supported by the C7-00. The strange fact, 6 days ago a other rating from a C6-01 Belle user claims it works on his device.
    There also ClipMan for PC, but it is not very good compared to superior ClipMate which I use as a database on a usb stick."

    From my point of view it is a very strange rating and includes many untrue facts. I use ClipMan myself on my Nokia C7-00 and I never released ClipMan for the PC. He compares my application with something different and in the end he advise other users to buy a 30€ Windows application called ClipMate instead of my 1,99€ Symbian app. WTF!
    I'm in the meantime sure the user used a prepaid card to buy the application and was to impatient to wait until the payment was confirmed. I tested this scenario myself on my C7-00 and bought my own application. I had to wait about 3 minutes until I was finally able to install it. In this 3 minutes the store proclaimed it is not compatible. But after I got the confirmation SMS it installed without any kind of problems. So I guess the user was finally just impatient.
    So, I got this massiv destructive rating only because a not very well made purchase process and a problem in the Nokia Store frontend. It is a bug, it should say "wait until the paiment is confirmed" instead of "not compatible with your device." So, Great! Thanks Nokia!

    I contacted the developer support to doublecheck if ClipMan works on the C7-00 with Symbian Belle and asked if they could check if the user batzi7 was finally able to install the application or if he has still problems with it. But without result. They are unable to contact the user, the QA system states clearly it works on Belle and everyone should be able to install it.
    I asked to delete in this case the rating because it is untrue, harmful and contains totally untrue content. Especially relating to a never published Windows Version of my App. But also without result. They are "unable to remove ratings" - I'm not able to reply to a rating, to contact a user with problems, I'm unable to provide support, and a once created rating will forever resists even if I fix a bug and update my application... absolutely great! :-(

    So, what to do? Compensate it with positive ratings. :)

    But the users are lazy, they are mostly writing if they are dissatisfied and if everything works the most simply don't write a comment. And since this rating appeared the users even stopped to download and test the application.

    Because of this I would like to ask now other Qt Ambadassors to test my application. In return I will test your application myself.

    If my app works well and you like it please give a good rating. If you see problems please write here first and lets talk about it and how to improve it until it works for you. I will do the same for you.

    So, please purchase "ClipMan": and post here at this tread the username and nick you used for the rating and the name and link to your own C7-00 application. But please, don't release now a 20€ application. It would get to expensive to me, so I hope it will still be about 1,99€ to keep it fair for everyone.

    Let's try to test if this works. :)

    Happy developing,

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