Howto use multiple windows in one screen (Symbian)

  • Hi, I am porting a QT-C++ appl. to Symbian. I use one top opengl-Widget window and below that one window with buttons etc.
    I have been trying to make the the second window - as Window, Item, Page, Rectangle, you name it - with QML but it keeps occupying the complete screen or its looses or overlaps its childs. Am I trying sth that is not possible?

  • Draw everything inside a QGraphicsView and take a look around : QGraphicsWidget
    But , I don't understand what you would like... Have a screenshot ? A draw ?

  • Two windows:
    top window (in terms of y):
    and below that:
    bottom window:
    As far as I know a QGLWidget has to stand on its own. Also, the bottom window is not one, but there four of them (with their own signal handlings etc.) that are hidden/shown depending on the sate of the app.
    QML won't accept sizes, the all take the full screen size.

  • Create your own QWidget with a QVerticalLayout.
    In the first layout add your QGLWidget
    In the second one, add your QGraphicsView with QML interface.

  • Thanks.
    Vertical layout pushes all the (bottom) windows below each other, while they all should appear just below the top window. Bottom window1 appears in state1, bottomwindow2 in state2, etc.
    I have now created a rectangle at the position of the top window. And below that a pagestack. The pages in the pagestack now size nicely to the (lower) space that is left over.
    Now I have to figure out how to force the opengl widget in the rectangle are. This widget needs to be controlled fully out of QT-C++, no QML involved.

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