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Accessing complete tree, not just elements.

  • I don't know the thinking that went into the design of the QtWebKit interface, but not being able to do the following really limits its usefulness:

    • Can't access nodes, only elements
    • Can't (easily) get the QWebFrame for an iframe/frame element

    I need to traverse the DOM tree and access everything, which means I need access to underlying WebCore classes.
    A few posts exist on accessing WebCore from a Qt project, but they don't work on my 4.8.0/MSVC2010 system as I get unresolved external symbol errors on linking. Linking against JSCore.lib results in duplicate symbol errors.

    Anyone got a proven method for doing this? I'm not a C++ man so hit the limits on figuring out what to do.
    At the moment I'm adding additional methods to QWebPage and compiled up my own QtWebKit.dll to do what I need, but would prefer not to.

    Thanks for any assistance, I really like Qt otherwise (coming from a .NET man)

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