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Qt 5 Mac: Building x86 on x64 Mac not possible?

  • I tried to build x86 version of Qt 5 on a x64 Mac by specifying the old -arch x86 configure option. It turned out to be completely ignored and the resulting libraries are still in x64.

    Before I try another half-day build session, does anyone know how to build 32-bit Qt 5 on a 64-bit Mac? Or it's no longer supported? Thanks.

  • BTW. make confclean no longer work either. It's quite hard to change configure options now...

  • Did you ever figure out how to do this?

  • In fact I did. You need to add

    @-platform macx-clang-32@

    to your configure option. I am actually using

    @-platform macx-clang-libc++-32@

    since I need to link against libc++.

  • Hi, thanks for your post, I was able to build both macx-clang and macx-clang-32 successfully (using different -prefix configure options).

    Prior to qt5, I was able to specify -arch x86 and -arch x86_64 in the same configure step and the resulting Qt libraries were both 32-bit and 64-bit compatible. I attempted to specify the -platform option twice, but Qt5 only builds the last platform specified on the configure command.

    Does anyone know of a method to build Qt5 32-bit and 64-bit so that the resulting libraries support both?



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