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Install on Mac

  • Hi
    I am trying to get my app running under Mac OS with no Qt installed.

    I have managed to get the application running on Linux and windows machines by installing the required Qt libraries and setting the path variables.

    I am very new to the Mac and would be grateful if anyone an tell me what I need to do in order to install the libs on the Mac and what (if any) variables I need to set



  • Hi! Have a look at this page:

    The Qt libs need to be bundled with the application. The guide explains how to do it. Qt's macdeployqt tool helps with the library run path mangling.

  • Thanls

  • Just to add a little on this... (BTW, the referenced web page is indeed well recommended...)

    I use Xcode for building Qt apps on Mac, and I don't really know if Qt Creator can do something similar, so this may not be all that useful for you. The "hassle" with all of this surgery on the Frameworks is that you have to do it every time you compile. In XCode, you can automate this by adding a new build phase to your target (add a Run Script), and simply put in your calls to "install_name_tool" into that script. Then, when you build, you are assured that the paths are all correct. If this sounds like it would help, ping me back if you need more details.

  • Thanks
    I now have creator working

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