Will QT Quick supersede the QT Web Runtime?

  • I see a lot of attention for QT Quick. It seems to me that the targeted developer groups overlap. Will QT Web Runtime stay available in the future?

    I definitely hope so, because I am planning to do cross platform development using PhoneGap, which for Nokia builds on WRT.


  • From all that was said at both Nokia World and the Developer Days in Munich, Nokia is investing heavily in both, so I wouldn't worry too much. (Now I sounded like a paid Nokia drone, am not :-))

  • in my opinion QML should supersede wrt. it is more powerfull as you can have your own comples stuff done at Qt side.

  • Definitely yes. WRT is just a transitional tech. Nokia has done and is doing a lot of work about Qt quick performance improvements. A big deal is QML architecture is evolving ambitiously. For example it will remove the current way of extending QML on top of Qt Graphics View replaced by Qt Scene Graph.

  • If we accept that their role is quite distinct, they should both continue to exist.

  • I donot think that QML will supersede the Qt Web runtime.

    Both have their own way in the mobile and embedded market. Nokia is going to take care of both in the future.

  • [quote author="qtrahul" date="1293604848"]I donot think that QML will supersede the Qt Web runtime.
    One cannot make that comparison as both are different from each other. But if you ask which is getting more focus. It seems QML is being pushed heavily.

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