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Installing Necessitas on Windows

  • Hi guys, could you show me, how to install Necessitas on Windows? Why? Because I have downloaded installer and try to install it through installer, but it requires 17 GB on harddrive in order to create temporaries...17 GB on temporaries ??? Are they serious? How to get over it? I am asking, because I don't have 17 GB of free space on harddrive ... wll, I can say, I have never installed something, what had to have so huge amout of free space.

  • I have installed Necessitas last week on Windows. Only Necessitas in more or less default setup requires about 4.5 GB of harddisk. However, I have not installed the other tools, yet.

  • Well, I dunno what to choose in installer, I tell you what is checked:

    • Qt 4.8 for amreabi API 5+ (0,722 GB)
    • Qt 4.8 for armeabi_v7a API 5+ (0,722 GB)
    • QtWebKit for amreabi API 5+ (1,04 GB)
    • QtWebKit for armeabi_v7a API 5+ (1,04 GB)
    • QtMobility for amreabi API 5+ (0,2 GB)
    • QtMobility for armeabi_v7a API 5+ (0,2 GB)
    • Android NDK : 2,45 GBs
    • Android SDK: which one to install? API 7,8,10 ... and for Android IceCream Sandwich ? API 14 ??

    Here is evidence:
    ! Installation)!

    Be honest: The whole installation may take, I think 6 GB, or slightly more, but. 17 - 6 = 11GB of temporaries... I am pretty disgusted of that amount...

  • I agree 11 GB for temp files is more than a bit out of proportion. I had a look in the maintenance tool. Apparently, you have to run into the problem as you did in order to find out. I had to click to every package to find its size. The size is not shown for the groups of packages.

    In the "good" old times there were no computer viruses and 20 MB HD was really huge. :-)
    Shortly after you played DJ with 20 something floppies to install a compiler :-(

  • Well, I can't do anything. I can't recompile it, or anything else...

  • The only escape, I can think off, is removing and trying to install in small pieces. But that is certainly a pain in the ... :-(

    But do I misinterpret when assuming from the picture you posted that even removing is not possible anymore?

  • Well, I haven't tried install it by small pieces but it may works...

    Well, there is nothing to remove, because nothing is installed, yet.

  • I have spret the information on freenode to the necessitas list. Let's see, if someone from there has a comment. Isn't there a mailing list on sourceforge for necessitas?
    I couldn't find right away.

  • Hi! I am here again, well, it's nice to have Necessitas installed...but... again... I have installed step by step, one thing by another but, I have mentioned, it already installs QtCreator into Necessitas SDK, but I don't want to have it twice (I am using Qt as a desktop developer), I just want to install Necessitas as one type of project into QtCreator, and not have two IDEs to develop something...

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