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[Suggestion] Help for forum markup

  • Maybe I missed something, but I'm not able to quickly find a short summary on the markup and/or special chars used in the forum. For example, how can I put a single at-Sign into a post together with code markup. So it would be nice if there was a help link near the text box.

  • I thought that I've read one but can't find it now.

  • For now the single at-sign can be placed using its html code ... same with any special character. But I like the idea of a quick help link for these markup/special chars, same with link for supported smileys :)

  • Also, there should be some "escape" character, that voids the special meaning. Only a few people know the ASCII codes of the at-sign or the like out of memory - and looking up a table via google is not quite convenient.

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