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QTimer and QBasicTimer unstable on RTLinux

  • I'm using qt4.6.4 on RTLinux,but I found the qt timers such as QTimer and QBasicTimer are unstable an inaccurate.
    Usually,these timers run normally on common kernels,but once I start the RTLinux kernel ,then the timers run in different speed.
    For example,I set a timer to send timeout signal every 1 seconds,it may expires about every 10ms on RTLinux kernel. And whether the focus is on this window also affects the timers,if focus is on this window,then it runs faster,otherwise it may run at the right speed. Each time I click the blank area of this window,the timer also runs much faster,the expire speed seems equal to the speed I click the window.
    My hadware is common x86 cpu,OS platform is linux kernel 2.4+RTlinux 3.2, running QT4.6.4 for X on Xfree86.QT for Embedded also have the same problem on this platfrom.
    Have anyone found the same problem?

  • s me too found bro wats d solution

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