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Problems with first Qt widget project on OSX: No main menu, application menu not localized

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to learn Qt by creating a Qt widget GUI application from the template which includes a Qt Designer based main window.
    Everything is fine on Windows. However, on the Mac OSX I encountered two problems:

    (1) The main menu is not shown at all
    From the docs I got the impression that Qt just picks up the main menu from the topmost QMainWindow automagically -- but apparently, it doesn't on OSX.
    I found something like creating a menubar with no parent, e.g.
    QMenuBar *bar = new QMenuBar(0);
    and populating the menu myself.
    This approach seems to work but is counterproductive because I already designed the main menu in QT Designer.
    What am I missing here?

    (2) The OSX application menu shows English menu texts (e.g. "Quit application") although my locale is German.
    I searched the Web up and down for a solution and ended up with loading qt_de.qm at program startup manually.
    Is this really the only way?

    What about Ubuntu 11? It also seems to have an "OSX-like" main menu bar. Will I encounter the same problems?


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