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Control mouse pointer with Qt even outside the Qt application.

  • Hi all, first let me explain the plot, i have been building an application that can emulate the functions of a mouse using hand gestures. I did the gesture recognition part using OpenCV. I am trying to make a GUI interface using Qt.

    As an initial step, I am currently trying to control the mouse using the keyboard. I assigned the keys A W D S to move the mouse in all the directions using
    void QCursor::setPos ( int x, int y ). Its working fine.

    Then i used the windows API function:
    to simulate the mouse click.

    Its is also working but when i click anywhere outside the Qt application the focus shifts and i loose control of the mouse through the keyboard. Is there any remedy for this?

  • If you already use Win32 Api, you can force the focus calling SetFocus.

  • i tried to set the focus using


    but there was no success. The control jumps to the next window onto which i click using my 'O' key(i have assigned O Key to perform single click). Any remedy for this?

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