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Need a window manager, understanding Qt hints best

  • Hello, fellow Qt developers!

    We're developing a desktop application for linux, using Qt. It's kind of embedded one in the sense that we supply the whole platform.
    Recently we've come to the point where we have to select desktop environment for it. The thing that is of most concern for us is window manager. It should do the following:

    1. Support transparency
    2. Support customizing window headers using Qt::WindowFlags
    3. Support z-Order management via facilities offered by Qt (i.e. WindowStaysOnTop flag, raise() func, etc)
    4. Support Qt::WindowFullScreen window state
    5. Offer nice speed, better if some kind of OpenGL-based hardware acceleration

    We don't consider Gnome's or KDE's WM, because they have to much unnecessary features.
    I think we should look at LXDE's, Xfce's WM or Enlightenment or maybe Compiz. Don't know which is better though... Well, that's what I'm trying to ask now :)

    Thank you.

  • Well, nobody can offer any suitable WM?

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