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QtKeywords and signal/slots

  • hello.
    I'm installed the qt 4.8 and i have a problem in compile:
    this is my command line :
    %QTDIR%\bin\moc.exe [QtMocNoWarnings] [QtCoreLib] [QtShared] [QtThread] [QtUnicode] [QtLargeFile] [QtKeywords] [QtOpenGLLib] [QtNoDebug] [QtGuiLib] -DWIN32 -D_MSC_VER=1500 -DWIN32 [Inputs] -o"$(IntDir)$(InputName)[QtMocPfx].cpp" && cl.exe $(IntDir)$(InputName)[QtMocPfx].cpp [QtCommandLine] /Fo"$(IntDir)$(InputName)[QtMocPfx].obj"
    if i compile with this the signal/slot mechanism don't work .
    If i remove this:
    all works fine!
    i use visual studio 2008 and 2010.


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