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What about a QApplicationUpdater class

  • to automatically get the newest app from a server and autoupdate it.

  • It may be suitable for one-file apps, but for apps with big install process it is not good. It better fits into installer (and for example BitRock installer has such feature)

  • Where did you find this class?

  • [quote author="Denis Kormalev" date="1288356289"]It may be suitable for one-file apps, but for apps with big install process it is not good. It better fits into installer (and for example BitRock installer has such feature)[/quote]

    I think they have different goals. BitRock like installers just take care of installing the application. But main purpose for QApplicationUpdater class is to check for the available updates and install them on the device where the application itself is already installed. Or am I missing the point?

  • "KD Tools": has exactluy what you are looking for. Commercial and GPL versions available.

  • thanx for the link kalle, but I want such a class in QT. Atm I am writing my own.

    It would be sufficient if this class checks for new application versions, downloads the installer and installs the new app.

  • I think that provided link might be helpful in terms of reference implementation.

  • This would be an EXTREMELY useful class. I really hope it gets implemented.

  • Doesn't the Qt smart installer work on similar lines?
    I've been thinking to take a look at how the Qt smart installer works ...

  • [quote author="tamhanna" date="1291431685"]No. It is different.

    SI is a Symbian app which just downloads missing Qt libraries!!![/quote]

    Wow! Are you sure? I'm talking about the NokiaQtSDK/SDKMaintenanceTool.exe file ....

  • Are you talking about mobile applications or the desktop apps? I prefer to not check and install AUTOMATICALLY anything on mobile - it may be very expansive :)

  • How should an update service framework work? You must configure the update paths for every single platform you are targetting. Not to mention the hassles you get when another kind of installer fiddles around in your original installer's playground (think of file lists when you remove a program, checksums and all that).

  • That's easy to implement if you know your URLs, naming and versioning schemes.

  • Well Symbian already has this covered. They are going to have application updates but via the phone, not the program.

    As for desktop, it's quite easy to make an auto-update program and I don't think one implementation fits all.

  • Yeah it was a recent thing. I heard they would have the phone able to check for updates on Ovi Store and display them to the user. The developer won't need to do anything except submit their new app.
    It's probably still a while away.

  • I think it was an Ovi Publisher notification or a blog or something. I can't find it right now though.
    They mentioned it along with Ovi 'Ads'. Basically in-app ad framework for Qt applications.

  • I didn't hear it from the London announcement.

  • They usually announce stuff to the public (on website and so on) when it's near completion.
    I received an invite to trial the in-app ads so I knew it wasn't ready for primetime yet. It wasn't advertised anywhere.

    Same with this auto updates. Except, because developers won't need to update their code (like in-app ads), developers need never know until release. I'm sure it's just in planning stage now.

    O.P. wanted this for desktop or Symbian?

  • tamhanna, xsacha, please go to private or to another thread about app ads. As tamhanna said it is really offtopic here.

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